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By Katie LouiseFebruary 5, 2018


The weather was awful this weekend, so we had a home weekend. We don't get a sleep-in on the weekend- I have always been an early riser, I think I got up about 7.30am which I guess is sleep in for me! I usually get up between 6 - 6.30am.  Recently, Lex,  our little dog has been doing a growl a little whine and a little woof it sounds funny! But she does this over and over until you lift her up onto the bed - Monkey!  early hours of the morning, The girls have said she does the same thing to them! Lex can't jump up on the beds herself they're too high. Not what we want at that time of day! Maybe she's cold once she is up under the covers at the foot of the bed she is happy.

The dreaded food shop, urgh! Asda was crazy busy, the shoving and pushing, trolly wars! We really ought to think about doing our groceries online. It would be even better if they put it all away for you! Ha, Lazy  I know but that's the worse part about going shopping, I think? The girls come down from their bedrooms to see what goodies we bought, and our kitchen is tiny! Bearly big enough for the overflowing grocery bags,  Dan and Myself!


Special Gift

Image1Lyndsay had gone busking like she always doses every Saturday to Harrogate town centre.She calls and texts throughout the day, or if we're in town, we make sure shes fed watered warm and ok. She called her Dad to let us know that when she had come back from getting some lunch, somebody had left her a lovely gift.

Lyndsay was thrilled! Lush had left her a beautiful gift box with a little note " you're amazing, Keep going! Love Lush" there was also a £1 coin inside the box. Such a lovely gesture! The support she has received from everyone is fantastic. She bought a thank you card and took it to the store one day after school this week for the lady who left her the gift - She is a good girl! And 100% loves a lush bath bomb! She is always spending her money in there on bubble goodies - A girl after my own heart!


Another lazy morning did a little bit of housework and the never-ending mountain of laundry! Dan and I  have a limitless subscription to Odeon cinema.  If you have ever thought about this and decided it's not worth it, it is they show enough to go and see for the £17.99 a month. We love going we don't go out much together, but we enjoy our cinema trips. Anyway, we went to the cinema at 11 am to see Maze Runner, The Death Curse  - it was terrific action-packed, I think this was the best one out of the three! The way it ended made me feel there could well be a 4th! But, this was the last chapter. Definitely worth the watch.

Cheeky Sunday afternoon online shopping

Kayleigh has been nagging and nagging for a new bed! She currently has a high sleeper (not high) it has a desk underneath and draws as well as a wardrobe. When I ordered the high sleeper, silly me! Managed to order the small single size, oops! She doesn't like it anymore climbing the metal ladder, she fell a while ago and since then shes never been so keen. Plus Kayleigh gets poorly often! And we have to mess around taking her mattress off her bed so she can get to the bathroom easier. So I have ordered her a new girly bed it is beautiful and will come 3rd of Feb. It's PINK! She also needed a wardrobe and even draws PINK! For a total of £508! That also included a mattress.

I literally can't wait for these to arrive,  I also treated her to a new unicorn bed set, and rainbow rug form next to her bed. With us being in rented accommodation I cant change the wallpaper, now I just need to find some unicorn and rainbow wall stickers.

My little girl will have a pink girly room! Watch out for next week's #2 Weekend bits and bobs, flatpack fall outs maybe!?

The rest of Sunday evening, I washed and washed and washed some more! The 21-day family routine is not happening! Sighh!

The goal for next week - ASDA ONLINE!


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