Summer Holiday Activities

10 Fun Summer Holiday Activities

Entertain Your Smalls This Summer.

Just like that, the madness of the summer break is here… How on earth are we going to keep our smalls entertained and busy for 6 whole weeks?  I have put together a fun and exciting list to help you entertain your little loves.

1.Rock Painting

What a great time to jump on the all-new treasure hunt trend, have a look on Facebook for a local rock hunting page for you and your smalls to take part in. You can either head on out for a walk and look for the brightly coloured painted rocks or take part yourself, paint your rocks to hide.  *I have found 1 kg tub of stones for £3.50 on the hobby craft website.

2.Nature Detective

The fun is endless with this topic; I found loads of different nature activities on Pinterest. From nature bingo, you could either make your own with your small.

3.Bottle Bowling

Raid the recycling fill 10 bottles with water, and food colouring, use these as the use of the pin
a ball to knock them down.

4.Water Balloon Pinata

Fill water balloons hang them from tree branches or even your washing line with a piece of string.


You’ve seen the colour run. Now it’s time to create your own fun colour fight. You can buy the coloured Holi powder pouches on eBay or fill your own.  *Make sure you have your camera ready for some fabulous shots.

6.Frozen Tshirts

Soak t-shirts in water, put them in ziplock bags, and then pop them in the freezer overnight. Then, challenge the kids – Who can defrost and put their shirt on the quickest?

7.Build a Bug hotel

Not only does it provide shelter for insects it also attracts beneficial insects to our gardens.

8.Grow Sunflowers

Easy plants for kids to grow, and they bring a splash of colour to the garden.

9.Pavement pictures with chalk.

Keep your smalls entertained on a sunny day, and it brightens up your street.

10. Hold a Garden Festival invite friends and family.

Lots of string lights, bunting and blanket and rugs for the floor, maybe even a tent or tepee.
What are you and your smalls going to do first? Let me know if you try any of these. I’m looking forward to trying out Frozen Tshirts and having a colour fight with my teens and friends.
From my family to yours, have a fabulous summer!
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