Weekend Bits & Bobs | Lexi's 1st ever Groom

By Katie LouiseFebruary 20, 2018

Relaxing weekend before work and school on Monday!

What a fantastic semi-relaxing week, I am feeling ready to head back to work for a rest! But, not looking forward to the manic mornings, getting our three grumpy girls up and out the door - hopefully on time!

Friday evening Dan and I headed out to the Odeon to see the new Marvel film, Black Panther - It was fantastic. I could quite happily go and watch it again! If like me, you're a Marvel fan, you must see it! It is a Marvels masterpiece; I loved Thor Ragnarok. But, for me, Black Panther is even better!  For ratings &  trailer, Click Here.

The once dreaded food shop!

I have a newfound love for grocery shopping. Anyone who knows me will know how much I loathe the Saturday morning Asda shop! This week I have had two Tesco online grocery deliveries. I can sit on the sofa in my pj's and do the shopping... Hell yeah! Not only does it comes to you, but they will also bring it to your kitchen so you can be putting it all away as the driver brings it in. I still think they should put it all away for an additional cost, satisfying me completely.

Netflix Binge

Netflix Original series The Sinner if you have not watched this yet, you must! Mystery crime drama a young mum who tries to figure out why she keeps having fits of rage that leads her to commit a public act of violence, and no idea why! It does get you thinking with twists and turns. Dan and I were both hooked, and we managed to watch all eight episodes over the weekend. I have also been watching Black Lightning, another Netflix Original series, on and off this week. It is cheesy, but I love Marvel, so this is right up my street. I am not a fan of this one episode a week, malarkey!  One episode is just never enough! I think Netflix is doing a fantastic job with their original movies and series.

Pampered Pooch

Lexi, our little dog, was in desperate need of a haircut, as you will see if you follow my Instagram. Lex is no longer a massive ball of fluff and is such a cutie! We have never had her groomed professionally before; I usually give her a home cut with grooming clippers. But that results in her looking butchered! I can't do her paws properly, so they end up resembling fluffy boots! So we took her to our local Pets at Home Groomroom -£42.00 for a full groom, washed cut and blow-dry. I thought this was quite expensive for a little dog, and it's the same price for a big dog!? We left her in the lovely lady's hand; it took roughly around 1 hour. She called us 10 minutes before she was ready to be collected.

OMG, she looked so cute. The hair on her face had only been trimmed! When I did it, I shaved her face too!  She has the lovely terrier character - perfect! 100% I promise I will never try to cut my dog again! What people must have thought, haha!!

She was walking funny for a few hours; I put that down to no more excess fur on her paws. You must have seen the videos that circle youtube or Facebook where they put shoes, socks on dogs? That is what Lex looked like... Ha!

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Have a fabulous week!

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