Over Night My Child Has Changed? - What Is This All About!

By Katie LouiseJanuary 25, 2018

 Oh, my days!

The myths around terrible twos and the tweens, not to mention the ever so delightful teens! So what is this in-between bit? My youngest has just hit 8 and a half overnight like a switch has been flicked. She is a monkey!

She screams, she stomps her feet, and she seems to have mastered the art of being cheeky. I'm honestly quite shocked, ha!  When asked to get ready for school, the new favourite phrase is " I'm bored " WHAT!

She usually is excellent for her bedtime routine, not now. Nope! 10 pm even 11 pm, she is still up, "I'm hungry" or "I'm not sleepy." What has happened to my polite, quiet girl? Hopefully, by Monday, I will have my Happy little Kayleigh back - Or I will be asking her teacher whose child is this she sent home.
I would love to know if this a thing or if I'm making it up - anyone else's child hit 8 and a half and suddenly change? I'm hoping it's just the fact she's just overtired from late nights!
It's almost the weekend, YIPPEE!
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