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By Katie LouiseFebruary 5, 2018

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Pretty Pink Bedroom.

What little girl doesn't want a pretty pink bedroom!? Kayleigh has been asking and asking for a pink room for longer than I can remember! But it isn't easy when we rent. I would have loved to have gone the whole shebang, unicorn wallpaper and lots of glitters. Instead, we opted for a beautiful pink bed, wardrobe and chest of draws, bedside table furniture package.

The delivery arrived just before 9 am, which was fantastic so we could get on with it. We got in a bit of a flap, to begin with, the bed was 1 of 5 boxes! after getting it all upstairs ready to get cracking, Dan noticed that box 5 of 5 was, in fact, not here! NIGHTMARE, not only that, but we also discovered upon opening the premium mattress that it was damaged! Already feeling very stressed about this, I called Littlewoods to report the mattress and the missing box! The mattress will be collected within three days; we have chosen to buy a mattress elsewhere. Luckily the delivery drivers noticed our missing box at their next drop and brought that to us! While I was still on the phone with Littlewoods, getting stressed, the lady on the phone didn't understand what I was trying to explain.

Let the fun begin

That moment you open flatpack furniture and notice the instructions to be 100 pages long! 14 pages, but you catch my drift. I have never seen anything like it! I just knew then it was going to a long day. No word of a lie. It took us all day into the evening to get the bed up! But, it was 100% Worth the hard work. Kayleigh loves it.

We underestimated how big the bed was going to be! Kayleigh and Chloe share the biggest bedroom in the house. And we had to have a little bit of a jig around to fit all of Kayleigh's new pink furniture in her small space.

We didn't manage to build the rest of the furniture until the following day. So again, we were up bright and early to get this room finished. Dan built the wardrobe with little help from me and the drawers while I organised and cleaned the girl's things and cleared the landing, which had become a dumping ground for all the packaging.


Image4 e1517844789494I am happy with how it turned out, very girly and very pink! Kayleigh came upstairs every 10 minutes to see if her fairy lights had been put up yet. They are her favourite part of her new room! £2.50 pink fairy light from Primark. Ha! She did love the Unicorn bedding and rainbow rug.

We could have saved ourselves money and just bought loads of Primark pink fairy lights! All I need now is some unicorn wall art for above the fireplace!  I have a craft project to do to try and cover the black old ugly fireplace and a place for Kayleigh to put all her artwork.







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