Back to school morning routine

10 Tips to help your child get back into their school morning routine

The new term starts in less than two weeks, and this thought can be a little daunting for some, especially for those who have children going to school for the first time or starting a new school.

It can be a tough adjustment after having such a long summer break. But with a little organisation and planning, you can make the mornings run smoothly.

This can only mean one thing … A new school morning routine! In this blog post, we’ll share 10 tips to help your child get back into the school morning routine, making school morning less stressful for everyone.

Keep your daily routine as predictable as possible. This will help you feel more in control. Try to stick to regular mealtimes and sleep patterns. If you can’t do this consistently, don’t worry – just do your best.

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Make time for yourself – A MUST FOR ALL PARENTS

It’s important to make time for self-care activities that help you relax and unwind. This could include reading, listening to music, going for walks or taking part in a hobby. Identify what works for you and make sure you schedule some ‘me time into your week because self-care is important for busy mums. 

Here are 10 Tips to help your child get back into their school morning routine:

1. Get organised

During summer, it’s easy to let bedtimes and wake-up times slide, but keep to a regular schedule as much as possible this will help your body get used to waking up early again and make mornings less of a shock to the system.  It’s a good time to start getting back in to a routine with daily chore routines, starting to go to bed a little earlier each night. 

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2. Wake up earlier than your child

From one Mum to another, the best thing you can do for yourself is take a few minutes each morning by setting the alarm a little earlier and preparing yourself for the day ahead. This gives you some time to yourself before the craziness begins.

During this time, you can have a cup of tea, do some stretches, read your favourite book or just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Waking up earlier also means avoiding that morning rush and having a slower start to the day. It will help you to feel more relaxed and ready to face the day ahead or, in my case, play referee in the daily tights tug of war battle between my two older daughters.

There is a reason they say, “but first comes coffee” if the morning goes belly up, at least you have had a morning coffee.

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3. Prepare the night before

One of the best ways to help your child get back into their school morning routine is to prepare the night before. This means getting them ready for bed early, setting their clothes for the next day, and ensuring they have all their school supplies in their backpack. This eliminates any stress or last-minute scrambles in the morning and helps your child start the day off on the right foot.

4. Check out the organised housewife

This lady has thought of EVERYTHING!


The organised housewife has some great tips for ensuring your children’s school supplies are always in order from the first day of term. She suggests creating a designated space to store all their school things and providing a place where they can put away clothes ready for the morning or after getting changed after school. While also teaching them how important it is to be tidy and keep things clean too! 

5. Healthy Breakfast

Another way to make mornings less hectic is to have breakfast ready. This could mean making breakfast ahead of time or having a quick and easy breakfast option like cereal or oatmeal that can be prepared quickly.

If you have time, sit down as a family for breakfast and enjoy some quality time together before the day begins.

6. Use a morning routine chart to stay on track

If your child struggles with getting back into the swing of things, try using a morning routine chart. This tremendous visual tool can help them see what needs to be done and in what order. Simply write out or find a printable online, each task that needs to be completed in the morning and hang it up in a central location. Then, as your child completes each job, they can check it off the list.

7. Get everyone involved in the morning routine

If you have multiple children, mornings can be even more chaotic. To help things run smoothly, involve your kids in the morning routine as much as possible. This could mean having them set the table for breakfast or helping you make their lunch. By getting them involved, you can teach them responsibility and help to make mornings less chaotic for everyone.

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8. Allow for some down time

Even though it’s important to have a routine, it’s also important to allow some downtime in the morning. This allows your child to relax and transition into the day slowly. If you find that your child is rushing through their tasks, try giving them a few extra minutes in the morning to just enjoy some quiet time or play with a favourite toy.

9. Be flexible

There will be days when the morning routine doesn’t go as planned, and that’s okay! Don’t get too caught up in the details; just go with the flow. If your child is having difficulty getting going, take a break from the routine and try again tomorrow.

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10. Reward your child

Reward your child for a job well done. If your child is doing a great job with their morning routine, be sure to give them some positive reinforcement. This could be in the form of a sticker chart or a small prize. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will motivate them to keep up the excellent work! This works well for younger kids.

Mornings can be challenging, but with some planning and preparation, you can make them much smoother by having an easy morning routine. After-all getting out of the house and to school on time is a win for everyone!

Do you have any tips for a stress-free morning routine? Share them in the comments below!

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Until next time have fun, it’s time to plan ahead!
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Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!

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