Busking Diva

By Katie LouiseJanuary 11, 2018

My busking divaI'm so proud I could POP!


November 2017 my oldest daughter Lyndsay decided she was going to give busking a try. Off she went to Harrogate town centre Ukulele in hand; she was out for the entire day, came back beaming from ear to ear! And loose change rattling around in her pot.
I honestly couldn't have been any more proud of her and happy for her. The response and support she received from all the local Harrogate folk they are just fantastic! Even on local Facebook pages, I'm seeing lovely posts people mentioning the young girl with the Ukulele, incredible, beautiful voice. I love to jump on and say she's mine, Lyndsay my 14-year-old! One lady has asked us would she be interested in going to an open mic night. We would go along with her to such an event.
She has been out in the cold singing her heart out, people have brought her hot chocolate to keep her warm stopped and chatted with her. It has been a fantastic confidence boost, experience for her, and made her so happy! Not to mention shes earned her self a few quid in the process, with this off her own back bought a few Christmas gifts, for family members and friends.

December, we had some terrible weather. I tried to keep her at home on these days, in the fear she would get sick just before Christmas. Her response to myself and her Dad was  "do you stay home from work when its cold" So she sees it that she is going out to work and earning money for doing so, Most importantly is doing something she loves and having fun with it at the same time. I will stand by her no matter what she decides to do in the future, how far she wants to go with singing.

I know I'm biased she is incredible without an amp and mic you hear her before you can see her. I like to pop into town and stand at a distance and just watch her, watch people interact with her and hear the lovely comments.

Lyndsay if you're reading this - Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up! And remember Mr Hirst would like front row seats to your first show. (primary school teacher)

My little Harrogate star! I will update at a later date with Lyndsay in action.

Please check out her Facebook page here. 


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