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“When it snows, you have two choices, shovel or make snow angels.”

There is something majestic about snowfall, that thick blanket of crunchy snow; everything looks so bright! When I opened the front door yesterday morning, it looked like a scene from a real-life snow globe – I wasn’t as keen on the – 6 temperature! If I am honest,  I could of quite happily stayed in my pyjamas all day under a warm blanket with a big mug of hot chocolate and watched Suits on Netflix with my hubby while our girls do their own thing. However, I don’t think it would have gone down very well with my boss” I’m sorry, I am not going to make it in today because I don’t want to walk to work in the snow.”

I headed out to work dressed as though I was off on an arctic expedition, listening to music on my iPhone. Everything very calm and peaceful.  Not a single car in sight! A lot of people had the same idea as me and walked to work. Like me, everybody who passed me on my journey has a bright red stripe across the face and a dripping nose.

I don’t know about you, but I find walking in a snowstorm has a calming effect on me. By the time I got to work, I was so refreshed, awake and ready for the day ahead – after a hot coffee to thaw me out, of course.



No cars – station parade, harrogate.

Even at work, it was blissfully quiet! The road right outside the reception window is a busy main road with a constant flow of traffic all day long, making it somewhat noisy. It was dead! It looked like something out of The Walking Dead – ok, maybe not quite like The Walking Dead, no zombies crawling the pavement. I can see The Stray from where I sit in reception, and it looks so beautiful, covered in a blanket of snow.

It has been such a pleasant couple of days, with very few telephone calls and just a handful of emails. Very few people were in the building. I listened to Stray FM; I might even have a little sing-song and grove along in my chair. Maybe I had the better end of the deal heading to work? Hubby was trying to work from home and look after the girls at the same time.

It did feel good to ditch the car and walk in; no school run meant no rushing around. I usually feel like I have already done a day’s work before I arrive at work, to start a days work!

All the schools reopened today, all the main road roads were clear. Back to a manic morning this morning with organising everyone for the school run. Harrogate is forecasted for more snow over the weekend; I hope to get my perfect snow day. Fingers crossed, I want to release my inner child to make snow angels with my girls, maybe even a  cheeky snowball fight.

It’s Fri-yay, wishing you a good weekend! Stay safe and keep warm

Katie- Lou xx
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