13 Super Easy Home Date Night Ideas

13 Super Easy Home Date Night Ideas

Couples often find themselves on the same schedule, so they don’t spend as much time together. But if you want to spend more time together, try planning activities around your partner’s schedule. For example, plan things that don’t require them to go out or get ready for anything if they work. This way, the two of you can spend time together without feeling rushed.

Why not have a stay at home date night? This idea is a great way to have an intimate date without going out.

The benefits of staying in on a date night with your significant other

Let’s face it, and the covid pandemic has changed the way we do everything! Even though things are somewhat normal nowadays is, it still hard to get out of the house on a Saturday night. Between kids, work and your everyday day-to-day life, it is hard to get away for more than a few hours with your partner.

There are many benefits to staying in on a date night with your significant other. For starters, it’s a lot cheaper than going out! You can also spend much more time together when you are at home. It’s much easier to play board games or have deep conversations is also a great way to de-stress and relax at the end of a hectic week.

It’s important to try and spend some quality time with your significant other often, even if you’re spending the night at home.

13 Super Easy Home Date Night Ideas

When was the last time you had some quality time with your significant other?

If it has been too long since you’ve taken some real time alone with your partner, then it is time to plan a stay at home date night. For this date night to work, you have to keep your significant other involved in the planning process. By allowing them to choose the activities you will partake in, they will be more receptive to your plans and more likely to cooperate with what needs to be done.

How to plan an intimate evening without going out or spending money

One great way to have a fun and intimate evening without going out or spending money is to plan a night in! There are lots of fun things you can do together without leaving the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to spending quality time with your loved one, a stay-at-home date night is a great way to do just that. You can have a lot of fun while staying in without having to spend a ton of money or going out all the time. Here are some ideas for things you and your significant other can do.

You should never be bored when you are with your significant other. So how can you plan an evening without having to leave your home? Try writing up a date night jar! Have each of you write down one thing you want to do that evening or something fun that you two can do together. Then, put them into the jar and let the night unfold. Then, when you feel like you’re running out of things to do, pull a date idea from the pot and head off to have some fun! It’s an informal way of making sure that you two are never bored while at home!

13 Super Easy Home Date Night Ideas

Tips to make your stay at home date unique and memorable:

Make your stay at home date unique and special by taking advantage of each other’s company and doing something different from your everyday routine. Here are some simple date night ideas to help you have a good time together.

#1 Plan something you both enjoy.

If your partner loves to cook, make it an evening in the kitchen with them cooking dinner for you. If they are more of a reader, plan to curl up next to each other under a blanket and read books together. Then, take turns planning date nights every week!

#2 Make it a surprise!

Using a little bit of creativity, try to plan a date night that is not typical and catch your spouse by complete surprise. Take them out of their comfort zone-the best way to keep things interesting!

#3 Prepare ahead of time for the evening.

The anticipation of an evening can be just as fun or more fun than the actual evening. Therefore, preparation is key for enjoying your time together and developing a plan for how the rest of the evening will go.

#4 Be present!

Don’t be distracted by work or kids. Keep them out of your head during this particular time, and try to immerse yourself in the moment.

#5 Write it down!

Include what you will wear, when to prepare, when dinner should be ready, and any other little tips that make your evening easier. Then, come up with a complete “cheat sheet” for months to come so you can plan your next stay at home date night easily!

13 Stay at home date ideas for couples who want to spend more time together

Unique Ideas to Impress Your Significant Other on a Stay at Home Date Night Every couple has days or weeks they are too busy to have a date night. It can be hard to stay connected with your significant other when you are constantly working, taking care of kids, doing household chores and more. Instead of constantly running around the house doing things after work, take some time for each other by creating memorable date nights at home. Most of these date night ideas require little to no preparation or clean up afterwards. Here are some ways you can make unique dates at home that you will remember for years to come:

1. Take a Romantic Bath Together Spending time in the bathtub together is one of the most romantic things you can do with your significant other, but it’s also a great way to bond and relax together. You can bathe, drink a glass of wine or read a book while in the bathtub. Candlelight is key because it creates an ideal romantic setting. If you’re shy about being naked in front of your significant other, have the lights turned off while you bathe so you can focus on relaxing together.

2. Watch a Movie Over Dinner Watching a movie is excellent, but you can take it up a notch if you have dinner while watching the movie. Pick out one of your favourite movies that you both want to watch. Make sure to get something tasty for dinner that’s easy to eat during the movie. You can order in or make a meal together-either way, and you’ll have fun.

3. Play Board Games If you are both couch potatoes who love your board games, there is nothing better than playing them for date night. First, find some of the old school board games that take up most of the day to play so you can spend hours relaxing and laughing with each other. Then, make it even better by creating a cute DIY board game that you can play together, like putting candy in your spouse’s cup, and if they reach for the sweets, then they lose their turn.

4. Build a Fort Together If you have a lot of free time during the day, build a fort together in your living room or bedroom. You can use blankets, chairs and anything else you have in the house to create an awesome fort that is just for both of you. Once it’s built, get under the blanket and read books together.

You can also make it more fun by adding some food and drinks under the blanket.

5. Have an Adult Coloring Contest Color your mind away by taking on each other in an adult colouring contest. You pick out some colouring pages ahead of time for grown-ups, then colour them together—the first person who finishes or gives up wins. You can also make it more interesting by adding some wine or snacks while you are colouring.

6. Build Something Together Some people love working with their hands, so make your stay at home date night out of this world by building something together. This could be anything from a wind chime to a wall hanging and everything in between. Maybe you can even surprise your significant other with a personalised gift.

7. Read a Book Together You can do this with or without your kids. Pick out a book that you both want to read and start reading aloud together. This works great if you sit on the couch for one of your stay at home date nights. However, if it’s not something you will enjoy doing, try other activities listed above instead!

8. Do a Yoga Class or Meditation Together You can never go wrong with yoga. Even if one of you is not good at it, the other might be, so this is a great thing to do during your stay at home date night. This also works well as an individual activity if you don’t have time for two people to do yoga together.

9. Listen to Your Favorite Albums Listen to your favourite albums together. This could be anything from old school hip-hop and rap to 90’s grunge and 80’s rock and roll. Whatever you like the most will work great, especially if it creates a romantic or fun atmosphere for you two. Make sure to get full attention from each other so you can listen to your favourite albums with your spouse.

10. Do a Puzzle Together This is another great thing to do during your stay at home date night. Pick out a puzzle and set it up together, then put all of the pieces back in where they go or race against each other to see who finishes first.

11. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset Together If you happen to get up around sunrise or sunset, make your stay at home date night out of watching it together. You can do this alone if one of you gets up earlier than the other and will be finished with their activity before the other wakes up. It’s a great way to start your morning or end your day, especially if you like to make breakfast in the morning or dinner at night.

12. Get a Massage Try giving each other massages with lotion. This is another excellent way to relax during your stay at home date night and get closer to one another by rubbing each other’s back.

13. Cook Together If one of you is good in the kitchen and the other isn’t, cooking together can be an excellent activity. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy-you can cook a meal together to eat at the end of your date night. Or, you could try cooking appetisers or desserts together. Either way, it’s something you two can enjoy during

Why we should all at home date nights once in a while!

When it comes to spending quality time together, partners increasingly find that their calendars are too busy. Therefore, it is suitable for partners to set aside time for one another. This alone makes the relationship stronger, not just emotionally but also physically. Some people argue that it is easier said than done since many of us can barely find time for all our responsibilities, let alone find time to spend with our partners. If this sounds like you, you should consider making stay-at-home date nights a priority.

Stay at home dates are ideal for busy couples since they don’t require you to use up the gas in your car or pay money for entertainment. You can have fun without ever leaving your house if you choose activities that are inside. One of the best things about a stay at home dates is that they can be as unique as you are.

I hope the post can help you think of some stay at home date night ideas with your partner. This is something that everyone should consider doing instead of just thinking about it every once in a while. Read more about the reasons why date night is important for couples?

If you have any more suggestions for stay at home date nights, feel free to share them by leaving a comment below!

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