Introducing the foodie bag

Struggling with your food photography?
Introducing the foodie bag

Getting the right food photography can be a challenge especially if you are not a naturally gifted photographer! To try and bridge this skill gap, wholesale paper bags specialists Paper Bag Co have released the Foodie Bag! A stylish canvas bag with everything you need to take the perfect food photography! 

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What’s included in the bag? 

The Foodie Bag comes fully equipped with all of the following! 

  • 15-inch photographic reflector and diffuser
  • four beautifully crafted paper backdrops
  • 10 postcards with tips on how to use light, composition and background for your photos 

All of these goodies come housed in a limited-edition bespoke double-sided tote bag, with an internal zip pocket. The design of the bags is great and reflects some of the great food photos that can be taken when cooking up a storm. 


Why make the bag? 

The bag looks great and has some amazing features, but why go through all the trouble of making the bag? Here are the thoughts from Paper Bag Co-founder Jon Marling: 

“I’ve always been a big foodie and enjoyed cooking and preparing new dishes. Getting passionate about food really helps when it comes to eating healthily, and it’s something me and the family want to do more of. Teaching young people about food and preparation is really important, and I’m hoping with the Foodie Bag we can get people proud of the dishes they make and help spread ideas on new meals to try out!” 

The bag is available for purchase on the Paper Bag Co website and is the perfect Christmas present for the budding food blogger in your circle! 

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