January Favourites

Hey, January felt like such a long month! I have lined up a few of my favourite products, what I have been watching on TV, and I got a lovely Christmas gift from My Man! I hope you enjoy x

Britney Fantasy Intermate Edition.

Dan bought me this for Christmas, and I love it! I’m not afraid to say that I love Britney Spears fragrances. The bottles are also gorgeous and girly. This is just like the original fantasy but a little more grown-up. I always ask what perfume I’m wearing, and people are shocked when they hear Britney Spears lasts the whole day long, which is excellent!  I don’t know how much it cost, but her fragrances are very affordable.

Boots Essentials | Body Lotion with Cocco Butter & Vitamine E.

My skin has been dehydrated, and itchy and I needed a moisturiser that wasn’t expensive. January is a long month after Christmas. I was browsing on Boots online to look, and I came across this cream for £1.49 for a big 400ml bottle! I wasn’t expecting much with how cheap it was. IT IS AMAZING! And smells so lovely, not thick and rubs in well. Within a couple of days, my skin is super soft again; I use this cream daily after a shower.

Pandora presents

Dan bought me a beautiful rose gold anchor chair with a sparkly hears pendant!  I wear it with everything. I love Pandora and sparkly things and PINK!

My mum and Dad gave me money for Christmas, and on my birthday with this, I bought a Mikey and Minie mouse safety chain for my Pandora bracelet. We call my parents  Mr& Mrs Mouse that is why I chose the mini and Mickey chain. A little bit of sentimental love for my parents with me where ever I go.

Boots | No7 Skin illuminator

This little tube makes me look alive when I’m looking dull and zombie-like! It can be mixed in with foundation used as a highlighter. I love it on the makeup-free day’s moisturiser and then use a bit of this to make me look fresh-faced and awake! This little tiny tube lasts me months,  £12.50 from Boots bargain, if I do say so myself!

Lush | Comforter Bubble bar

This is my go-to when I am feeling a little rubbish and in need of a bubble hug. The ultimate favourite thing I purchase in Lush, it smells divine! I like to add lots of the bar for loads of bubbles. There is only one way to have a bath, and that is a shit ton of bubbles!

image1 5

Netflix |Once Upon a Time

Still on with Once Upon a Time, I love it, Disney for grown-ups! I have a  crush on Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), Even with the guyliner! I am up to Season 5 so far! I don’t think I could ever get bored of this series. Which character do you love most? Leave in the comments what you recommend I watch next.




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