March Favourites

By Katie LouiseApril 6, 2018

I have lined up a few of my favourite products, what I have been watching on TV for through March, I hope you enjoy! x

 Series 3 Apple I watch in rose gold.


I have been loving my Apple I watch I got this for valentine’s day I use it all the time. I never miss emails text messages or calls. I love the fitness goals; I get angry with myself if I don't fill my rings daily. I don't miss anything with the calendar notifications.  I love setting a 3o minutes timer and trying to get all my jobs done in that time. I am still getting used to all the features the I watch offers.

Body Shop Fragrance Mist

I have been switching between these two fragrances mist this month, Fijian Water Lotus and Japanese Cherry Blossom. They smell beautiful; I have been using these instead of perfume. They don't last as long as perfume, but they're still great. I received these for Christmas from my Mother in law.

 Wheat Bags


I have been reaching for 3 of these to keep me warm in bed, every night I heat them up and take them to bed. I was also struck down by a virus this month causing me to have horrendous cramps and joint pain. These little hotties were my best friends; I even took one to work.

Cadbury Crème Egg

I may have consumed too many crème eggs! They're calorie free right!? And Mini Eggs Yum. All the shops have gone Easter egg crazy since February, I have been good and held off until I could no longer refrain myself - it would be rude not to buy them, right? I don't think my crème egg snacking will stop ... shh!

Hello Fresh

This month we have been giving Hello Fresh a try. It's fantastic! The meals we're eating are like we're eating out every night. I have recently written a blog post here.

 Friends Tv Series

 I have watched all of these before, but it's Friends what is not to love friends? We had some awful weather recently it's been nice just chilling on the sofa watching a Friends rewind. I have noticed every episode’s title starts with - The one with... My favourite character has to be Phoebe Buffay. Friends were the first Tv series that I took an interest too when I was a teen.


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