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Too Much Monday 1



My day started with me shouting like a fishwife and my teen daughters squabbling! Over school skirts, yes you heard correct.
I washed all the school clothes in the evening ready for the morning; I was getting on with the things I needed to be done, washing the dishes left from last nights tea. The general busy mum tasks carried out every morning, running around straightening up before heading to out of the door.

It all goes to pot! It’s my fault; I had left all the clean washing out of the drier on the sofa in our dining room, not sorted into neatly folded piles of whos is whos, like I usually do. Chloe, 13-year-old was shouting “Lyndsay has taken my skirt”! All hell had broken loose- both girls screaming crying!

I lose it I can’t take it anymore! I’m telling (yelling more like) at Lyndsay to give back her skirt and to look in the mountain of clean clothes around her bedroom and find another one. I wouldn’t mind, but they do have more than one school skirt each! I looked amongst the washing on the sofa for the second time, because the first time being in a flap and juggling breakfast for the little one and myself along with boxing her packed lunch. I also missed the fooking thing! Girls are still screaming, clothes flying everywhere, I find the rouge school skirt. So all is ok, the noise suddenly stops! (great) Hand Chloe the skirt in the hope she would get dressed. Oh no, the little darling sits there in a strop, not talking, ignoring me! Lyndsay is in a state crying she is also in a grump.

At this point, the Mom Guilt takes over! They do know how to make you feel terrible, don’t they? I wouldn’t mind I always say “make sure you have everything ready for school in the morning.” thinking we won’t have this carry-on! With the awful Mom guilt feeling and all the yelling. I couldn’t let them go to school feeling angry, upset. I know when I leave the house for work if I’m not in a proper mindset for the working day ahead, your in that mood for the whole day.

Already running late with the commotion I made them both breakfast, yummy hot cross buns. I always try to lighten the mood make them smile, remind them I do love them both very much, and I am sorry for shouting. Try to give them both a kiss, and they’re both too old for mum kisses now. Instead, threaten I will lick them on the cheek instead.

It’s not just school uniform this happens with coats, socks, you name it! The worst thing, iPhone chargers! I honestly think these get eaten in our house, or a monster climbs from under the girl’s beds and steals them.The whole street must have heard the racket and thought somebody was committing murder! I’m quite surprised I have never had a visit from the police to check everyone is ok.

I have just received a text message to say they’re walking home together – They do love each other sometimes!

I  hope more parents can relate to this, and it’s not just my household with the hormonal teen girl tantrums.

I would love to know when it will end; please tell me it does?
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