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My 5 Top Tips For Living With Teen Girls


1. Be quick when the laundry is done to retrieve all your tights, and I mean quick! I swear I think my girls store them in their bedrooms, yet still insist they haven’t got any! I know when my little darling has stolen mine, their legs look like they’re wearing thick black leggings no opaqueness at all, and no doubt about it they will be up to their necks! But when you ask no they’re mine out of my draw… This is not a battle I want to be fighting at 7 am in the morning.

2. Don’t ever make the mistake of asking them to clean their room and bring all their laundry down UNLESS – You have no washing to do at all! You have blocked out a whole day or two to get through the tsunami that has come hurtling down your stairs and flooded your kitchen floor.

3. Once your teen daughter has discovered makeup, Magic erasers will be your best friend! They are great for getting makeup handprints off the walls and off the white bedroom furniture! Talking of makeup lock up your stuff – or always you could borrow hers 😉

4. Never decide to take a bath or shower after your teen! Enter the bathroom wearing flippers you will need them to paddle to the tub! Watch out for the clothes sharks all over the floor that swallow your feet! Mind the conditioner on the bottom of the bathtub – you may find yourself in the hospital with broken bones!

5. Stock up on sanitary towels they tend to tell you they have one left when all the shops are shut! Be prepared to have to pick all the wrappers up from all over the toilet floor. Trust me its’ worse than the person who leaves the empty toilet roll tubes all over the floor.. next to the bin!
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