Summer Holiday | 45 Children's Crafts & Activities
School is out for Summer! Kids live for the long summer holidays, what about us parents, are you excited for the summer holidays? I love the summer holidays with my kids, but we do have the occasional day where we need a little inspiration to keep our little darlings sane and beat the dreaded Boredom. […]
6 Ways To Survive School Holidays Without Spending A Fortune
I don’t know about you, but I am starting to feel a little daunted by the upcoming school holidays, so I have put together some ways to survive school holidays so we can be ready to embrace the chaos that comes with school holidays. 1.Plan Ahead  The key to juggling everything is to plan! For […]
The Essential Back To School Checklist
Getting Ready for September Whether your child is returning to school or going to school for the first time, there is an awful lot to remember to buy. So, having three girls of my own, I thought I would put together  The Essential Back To School Checklist to make the process a little less daunting […]
10 Fun Summer Holiday Activities
Entertain Your Smalls This Summer. Just like that, the madness of the summer break is here... How on earth are we going to keep our smalls entertained and busy for 6 whole weeks?  I have put together a fun and exciting list to help you entertain your little loves. 1.Rock Painting What a great time […]
Empowered Women, Empower Women | Raw Parenthood
Raw Parenthood Entering motherhood is like entering into a worldwide support group -  it should make us feel we are a part of something bigger; reassured that, as we experience the highs and lows of motherhood, we do not experience them alone... So why do so many of us feel so lonely and unsupported? Motherhood […]
My 5 Top Tips For Living With Teen Girls
  1. Be quick when the laundry is done to retrieve all your tights, and I mean quick! I swear I think my girls store them in their bedrooms, yet still insist they haven’t got any! I know when my little darling has stolen mine, their legs look like they’re wearing thick black leggings no […]
Motivating Your Teen | Chore Routines
Getting your teens to help out around the house. Are you looking for ways to motivate your teen? I am now going to share with you what has worked for our busy family. Being a parent of two teenage daughters, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to get them to help out around […]
How Not To Lose Your Shit | Bullying At School
Bullying is an awful thing for anyone to have to go through at any age! The first thing any parent wants to do is lose their shit, stomp down to the school and demand the reprobates get hauled out of class so that you can tell them what for yourself! Before you lose your Shit - Remember. […]
What it is actually like living with Two Teenage Daughters!
The good, The bad and the ugly! Having two teenage daughters can be challenging at times! Know-it-all-teens must always have the last word, and they certainly do like to be heard when they are shouting at their parents or each other. By the age of 13, they have the look of death mastered. You will […]
Spring Is Officially On Hold
The Beast From The East As we head into March, we kind of think that nature should just be beginning to wake up; birds are singing, pretty purple and white flowers are starting to grow on Harrogate's Stray. The days are starting to get longer; the lighter mornings are making it that little bit easier […]
Half Term Fun | February 2018
Happy Half Term! As half term draws to a close and we head back to the school/work routines. It has not been as stressful as I first thought it would be! I thought I would never hear myself say that! I managed half term alone without Dan for the whole week! No shouting, fighting, or […]
Lonely Mummy Moments | Working Mum
Good Morning! I have been thinking about this a lot lately about the dreaded lonely Mummy moments. Some people may think, you work full-time, how are you lonely? You are not at home alone all day with children. Well, let me tell you, I have never felt more alone than I have in recent months. I […]
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