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COVID-19 | How to keep a Daily Routine and Activity Ideas

Covid-19  these are some very uncertain times which we are all facing at the moment with the Coronavirus pandemic, including the current social distancing measures in place, which have been forcing schools and businesses around the world to close. It is now down to us the parents to keep our children entertained and provide some form of education, and some of us are needing work from home.

This is going to be a whole new juggle struggle!

Creating a routine that works for your family: 

A flexible, but also consistent daily routine will help to give our children some sense of security and stability. We are not sure how long this is going to last or are things ever going to be the same again. Will this become the new normal?

 What I do know is by having some form of routine in my household should things go back to normal everyone won’t have any trouble readjusting to school and work. 

Staying Connected with Family and Friends:

Children will be missing their family and friends, it’s essential now more than ever that we all stay connected; We’re so lucky to have the technology today that offers some excellent communication. 

You could even host a virtual video playdate or hangout for your child and their classmates. The same goes for Birthday celebrations, and virtual parties there is no need to miss out!

Family games night – We have recently had a family game night where we all played virtual bingo and took part in a Kahoot quiz. Everyone had so much fun! It was lovely for the girls seeing Grandma and Grandad (even though we heard “Is it working? Can you see me?’. my girls found this hilarious) and some of their aunts and uncles. We certainly had just as much fun virtually as we would have had if we were all in the same room and have already scheduled in to do the same this weekend. 

Netflix Party – This is a chrome extension that adds a chat window to Netflix movies and shows you and your friends can all watch the same thing and comment about the show at the same time! Please note that each person in the party will need to sign into their own Netflix account.

 Useful ways to stay connected 

  • Zoom 
  • Facetime 
  • Facebook messenger 
  • Skype 
  • What’s app
  • Google hangouts

Here are some useful resources I have found which you may find helpful:

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Covid-19 Home Learning: 

Check your child school page on the school website. My daughter’s teacher is uploading daily schoolwork tasks.

For older children, the majority of schools are sending them work virtually via Google classroom and teams.

Find lost of useful school resource packs, interactive activities and assessments  on Twinkl 

Audible has made 100s of children’s audiobooks FREE.

Virgin Media, have put together a list of some of the best educational TV shows to help parents easily find useful educational resources for all ages, including structured lessons and practical advice.

So many celebrities have some great things to offer.

Family Time :

Enjoy the extra time you have to slow down and spend time together as a family, and why not enjoy some activities together. 🙂

  • Movie Afternoon
  • Play a board game
  • Build a fort
  • Enjoy some crafts
  • Plan what you will do as a family when this is all lover

Cook Together

Strawberry white choclate Muffins 1

Our latest bake was Strawberry and white chocolate muffins, and these are quick and easy to make and perfect to keep the kids entertained and make tasty afternoon snacks.

What you will need to get started

  • 375g Self raising flour
  • 115g Caster sugar
  • 1tsp Vanilla extract
  • 60G Butter
  • 2 Eggs
  • 250ml Milk
  • 1 plunnet of strawberries (chopped into small pieces)
  • 95g White Chocolate bits ( cut up into small chunks)

16 Paper cake cases – I used cupcake cases


1. Start by preheating your oven to 180 and line a muffin tray with 16 cases.

2. In a mixing bowl add the butter and the sugar and mix until creamy, then add in the Eggs, Milk and vanilla extract and mix it all the ingredients together.

3. Next, you will want to fold in your flour and gently stir in your strawberries and white chocolate chunks. Finish off by evenly spooning the lovely mixture into the cake cases.

4. Place them in the oven and bake for around 15-20 minutes until they are looking golden brown and delicious.

Also, check out these easy snack ideas .

Mum, Dad, I AM BORED?

No problem I have you covered,  I have put together a list of boredom buster activities.  Fingers crossed you will get a cuppa in peace with a sneaky treat! Looking for more ways to survive parenthood without going crazy in 2021


Remember, #StayHomeStaySafe

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