Spring is on hold

Spring Is Officially On Hold

The Beast From The East

As we head into March, we kind of think that nature should just be beginning to wake up; birds are singing, pretty purple and white flowers are starting to grow on Harrogate’s Stray. The days are starting to get longer; the lighter mornings are making it that little bit easier to get up and ready for work and school. Then unexpectedly in the news and all over social media “The Beast From The East” hit Britain with freezing temperatures and Snow.

With the current weather forecast – Snow Watch! I thought I would share what my perfect snow day would be like. I hope you enjoy it – I will be doing a snow dance with the kids this evening, hoping that  Harrogate gets a significant amount of snow tonight.

Maybe even a repeat of the snowfall we had in 2013

Perfect Snow Day

Now, this is what my perfect snow day would be like;

When the weather forecast suggests, we will have snow in the night or into the early hours of the morning. I kid you not, I am always awake at the arse crack of dawn, in eager anticipation that when I peek out of my blinds, it will be a complete snow whiteout. Untouched thick, crunchy glistening snow.

Ideally, work would be cancelled for everyone, school closures for all the children, not a single vehicle on the roads. Just a whole day dedicated to having fun and making memories, a snow day the kids will talk about for years to come – The one day everything came to a halt. A proper snow day! Not just a pretty white dusting that by lunch has turned into a slushy wet mess.

I hate being cold and wet, But snow, on the other hand, brings out the inner child in me. There is something about heading out all layed up like you’re about to venture out into the artic with miss-matched clothing and comfortable snow boots woolly hat and a cosy scarf.

It feels fantastic to be out playing in the snow; snow angels are a definite must, along with building the perfect snowman, even the thrill of a good old snowball battle – After all, I am a grown woman-child.

After all the fun from playing in the snow, there does come the point where you’re just far too cold and very wet. You know it’s time to head home put on the biggest, warmest hoodie or cardigan you can find. And get yourself a massive mug of hot chocolate, sit on the sofa cuddled up. I find it very calming watching the snowfall from inside when you’re all cosy and warm.

Chances are we will wake up to a similar scenario as today, a good dusting of snow that was practically gone by 3 pm.
In the comments below, please let me know what is your favourite thing to do on a snow day.










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