Turning 35!

Hello mid 30’s!

For me turning 35 feels no different to being 34! until this morning Oh, shit! the moment that I realised when I was filling out an online form, the age group selection box when selecting my age range from the dropdown box, I discovered that I am no longer in the 18-34 age group and I have been promoted to the next level the 35-50’s group! Does this mean that I am now at the wrong side of 30 and officially middle-aged? I am ok with this … It is totally acceptable to continue to select the 18-34 group, nobody will know, right? Lol

Fine lines!

In photos, I can see that I have wrinkles! Upon closer inspection of my face this morning I discovered I seem to have developed Laughter lines on the outer corners of my mouth and eyes! I have never really had a skincare routine, nows a good time to start I don’t have any new years resolutions but one change I wanted to make was to invest some time into myself for a little self-care. My daughter bought me a lovely No7 Skincare gift set for Christmas, I have been loving it using it morning and night. I want to try a few different products before choosing the right one.

Grey Hairs!

OMG! I can’t keep them away, within 3 weeks of dying my hair they reappear! This awful wire-like, stand on end, silver strands, which my Children just love to point out… Little Darlings! I am just embracing the grey hairs at the moment, my silver strands of wisdom, as I like to call them.

I am fine with this ageing malarkey after all ageing is inevitable, but growing up is optional.

IMG A54546331462 1

I will embrace the beautiful mess that I am, Grey hairs, and the wrinkles!
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Kirsten Albertsen
Kirsten Albertsen
5 years ago

You are beautiful as always sweetie ❤

Kirsten Albertsen
Kirsten Albertsen
4 years ago

You are beautiful as always sweetie ❤

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