6 Ways To Survive School Holidays Without Spending A Fortune

By Katie LouiseJuly 12, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I am starting to feel a little daunted by the upcoming school holidays, so I have put together some ways to survive school holidays so we can be ready to embrace the chaos that comes with school holidays.

1.Plan Ahead 

The key to juggling everything is to plan! For example, do you have to work certain days, do you have to attend any appointments?

Plan everything, such as days out and playdates and holiday activities.

I recommend holding a family meeting and even let the children get involved. This will allow them to give their opinion on anything that they may like to do or anywhere they would like to go. 

  • Create a school holiday bucket list.
  • Make a school holiday calendar- put it up where everyone can see it.  


Cut the cost of childcare by joining forces with other families from school, share the childcare by taking it in turns and remember to plan who has the children on what days. 

Many different holiday camps run during the school holidays, ½ day or full days. Over the years, my girls have had pony days, Gymnastic days, outdoor adventure and craft days. In addition, you can find after school and holiday clubs in your area here.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun! When looking for days out, look at your local radio stations and local newspapers for some discount vouchers.  

This summer, I am planning a trip to Flamingo Land Resort for my family. I have found the ½ price family tickets on Stray FM and also on Yorkshire Coast Radio. 

These sell out fast, but you can see on the website the dates and times they are available. 

4.Keeping Active  

Over the years, I have found with my children that keeping them busy and sticking to as much of a routine as possible has been the key. 

Change 4LIfe has teamed up with Disney this summer to keep children active with their 10-minute shake up games; these games are an excellent idea for when you need a few minutes to prepare dinner or put the laundry on.

Playdates in the park can be even more fun with a game of Capture the flag - How to play Capture the Flag.

Rudding Park in Harrogate has a beautiful outdoor heated pool with a children's paddling pool which is open to the public. (You need to call them to book a time slot)

A day trip to the seaside made even more fun for all those little explorers by looking for fossils across the Jurassic Coast.  

The Primary Times is a handy website. Primary school-aged children often bring a copy of this magazine home. It is usually full of fun ideas and lots of information on any activities in the local area. 

 Be sure to check out your local church; they often hold Messy play sessions for younger children. Also, you can have a look at the Messy Church directory here.

5. The 6 Week Reading Challenge

The summer reading challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays; you can sign up at your local library for free. The challenge encourages children to read six books of their choice to complete the challenge.  There are also lots of activities and competitions on the reading challenge website. Click here

6. Other Helpful Resources

Check out these ten free places to visit in North Yorkshire 

Check out these ten fun summer holiday activities 

Check out these easy party food ideas, which are also great for playdates.

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