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By Katie LouiseOctober 9, 2018

Copy of sticky toffee apple pudding

I love the weekends kicking back and relaxing with my girls and Dan. Friday night my eldest daughter and I decided to watch the movie Don’t Knock Twice on Netflix, a recovering addict becomes her estranged daughters only hope after the teen awakens a terrifying child-stealing witch from an urban legend. The movie was ok, for me it was more about spending time with my big girl, what was funny when a jump scare part came on, I screamed, and my darling daughter almost had kittens, such a mean mum I am.


We all had such lazy Saturday PJs all day, and sofa surfed, I also managed to binge-watch the whole second series of Salvation on Netflix. Nothing like a good self-care Saturday, the past few weekends have been busy, it was lovely not having to go anywhere do anything. I did do the laundry throughout the day; the housework was left until tea time and then it was all done at once. Dan was upstairs working and doing uni work, so I had the TV all to myself, my eldest went out busking to Harrogate town centre at 8.30 am and stayed out until tea time! Chloe is a typical teenage girl who sleeps until the afternoon and then hides in her bedroom. Kayleigh my youngest did her own thing playing star stables or watching youtube.

Sunday a Day to Remember

We headed over to Skelmersdale to celebrate my mums birthday, we all headed out for dinner to a lovely little Chinese restaurant called Peacocks inn, in Ormskirk. Beautiful place with great food, they even brought out a birthday cake for my mum and played the happy birthday song, the look on my mum's face, i certainly won't forget that any time soon it certainly did make me feel emotional.

Img 72851

A family photo to cherish forever!

For the first time in years, my mum had all her daughters together; I think the last time would have been when us girls were small!

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