Weekly Update N01 | A Litte Bit Chrismassy


Welcome to my first weekly update. I thought I would share what we have been getting up to this week! 

It has been another busy week at work for me with a fast 2-day turnaround for a new tenant moving into the Business Center. I had a lovely surprise this week and received two lovely gifts, one from a lovely lady who had moved out, who I will miss a lot! A lovely Thank you card along with a bottle of Molton Brown Shower gel for always being such a cheerful pleasure on reception. The other gift I received was a bottle of Yorkshire Gin Liqueur which I am looking forward to giving a try. #feeling loved. 

This week I managed to have lunch with my lovely friend Finola on a few occasions, which are always fun. We’re lucky enough that there is a lovely rustic little cafe next door to where we both work that serves some delicious food, especially cakes and Brown & Blonde Brownies. Who doesn’t love cake!  🙂

Online Christmas shopping 

I  am starting to look forward to Christmas now!  I have already started watching Christmas movies, have you? 

We have made a start on our Christmas shopping, Amazon parcels are gradually starting to arrive. I have no idea what I am going to buy for our older girls, it seems to be getting harder as they get older. What have your teenage daughters asked for? 

My own  Amazon wish list is growing by the day .. Lol! I hope that I am on Santa’s good list this year. What is on your wishlist? 

Weekend family antics! 

Saturday morning, myself and Miss Kayleigh ventured to the Harrogate Christmas Market with Auntie Nicki. I didn’t think it was that great. It looked very pretty but it was too busy to get near anything and after getting trapped in the craft tent with far too many people to move! I had to get out as it wasn’t for me, having to contend with the pushing and shoving and Kayleigh who was asking for food every two minutes not to mention also wanting everything she set eyes on! Lol 

With that, we headed back up into town. We headed into Primark on Kayleigh’s request for some new snuggly warm PJ’s and two pairs of Pj’s later, one pair which we found for £ 1 instead of £8 and a unicorn T-Shirt for £1; What a bargain! We also popped into a few other shops and finished off with a trip to Greggs for a festive bake and sausage rolls. We dragged an unimpressed Auntie Nicki on the bus, instead of the 10-minute walk back home.  

Back home for Hot Chocolate and more cake! Followed by some pom-pom making 🙂

Shopping in Leeds

On Saturday Dan has the pleasure of taking the big girls shopping in Leeds and he treated them to new woolly jumpers and winter boots. They went for coffee without me! I want a gingerbread latte! 

Since they were already out that way they went to IKEA to get me a desk since Dan has taken over the big desk upstairs for painting his miniatures. 

Saturday night was finished nicely with a take out tea and we watched TV! 

Sunday Funday! 

Up early, Kayleigh has been to Gymnastics which she loves. She always has something gymnastics related on the Tv that she can find on Youtube, or she is practising in the lounge. 

For me, Sundays are just spent at home with some cleaning and tackling the mountain of laundry that mainly comes from the girl’s bedroom floors! NOT FUN.

I do our grocery shopping online as the last thing I want to be doing on a weekend is venturing to the supermarket. It is much easier waiting for the lovely Tesco delivery person to bring my weekly shop into my Kitchen for me to unpack! How good would it be if they also put it away?

The rest of the day will be spent watching lots of trashy Tvs, well in between the laundry washing and various other chores. Sundays are very laid back in our house with everyone generally doing their own thing. 

I would love to hear what you and yours have been up to this week, and from my house to yours, I hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday! x
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Kat Huggins
4 years ago

Love these kind of posts! <3

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