What it is actually like living with Two Teenage Daughters!

By Katie LouiseMarch 5, 2018

The good, The bad and the ugly!

Having two teenage daughters can be challenging at times!

  1. Know-it-all-teens must always have the last word, and they certainly do like to be heard when they are shouting at their parents or each other.
  2. By the age of 13, they have the look of death mastered.
  3. You will lose count of how many times a day they roll their eyes.
  4. Shoulders shrug every time they are asked to do something.
  5. They sometimes lose the ability to speak, and a grunt replaces it.
  6. Selective hearing or they choose not to answer and ignore you.
  7.  They occasionally forget to shower and need reminding.

Always remember your doing a fantastic job if you get told:

  • I hate you!
  • You're ruining my life!
  • It's not fair!

Mum & Dad should always be on the same page and support each other; they will play you off against each other, they know when Mum says NO! Go and ask Dad! You will often be referred to as She when they complain to Dad  - I hate this most of all!

Best Friend

Daughters are a mum's best friend, and I often like to sit in my girl's room's and harass them by being silly - I love making them laugh, more often than not, my eldest daughter will record me on snapchat, posting it to her story for all her friends to see. So rearrange their things and smell, test all their smelly's and try on their lip glosses.

Periods & PMS

The PMS is awful, and we have a double whammy!

  • Mood swings
  • very Irritable

They never tell you when they're running out of sanitary towels until they have none! I have lost count of the early morning/ late night trips to the shop! Always have a stockpile of them. Chocolate or anything sweet always makes them feel better.

Asking them to help out!

I have given up on giving my girls chores! When I do ask them to do something, all hell breaks loose. Lyndsay will always say, why do you ask me and not chole? Chloe ignores me and doesn't say a word or makes an awful high pitch winge noise. The favourite We have been at school all day. I want to sit down and chill! Excuse me, my little darling - I have been at work all day! But it is easier to do the tasks ourselves.


You will never have an empty laundry basket, and when you think it is all clean, you find it is overflowing again! With the contents of that fresh, neat pile of clothing you gave each of them to put away a few days before. Unfortunately, they also like replacing their dirty clothes with their sister's clean clothes! This plays out in the fashion of a tug of war match with me trying to prise the item of clothing that they are fighting over out of their hands!


Messy pigsty bedroom

I dream of the day my girls take pride in their bedrooms! You can't see the floor in either of their bedrooms, clothes everywhere! Chloe is the hoarder of every glass in the house, and the odd bowl of old soup behind her desk is where she likes to stuff all her rubbish, even when there is a perfectly reasonable bin in her bedroom. Lyndsay's is the hoarder of cups. Lyndsay's nice white computer desk is no longer white. It's covered in nail varnish and nail glue with the odd tearing! When the bin is full, she likes to hide all the dirty face wipes and cotton wool pads behind her mirror! Makeup and hair everywhere. When you ask them to clean up, they do it in a fashion, and it's never going to be mum clean. You have to be in the bedroom, giving them the direction of what they need to do.


A useful method of punishment for our teen daughters is:

Please switch off the internet, this usually gets their attention in our house, as does taking away mobile phones! Be warned if you do either of the above, you will require earbuds and be prepared that quite possibly a  neighbouring house may call the police to report that your child is being abducted or murdered. You may also feel a slight tremor in your house from the stomping up the stairs and be banging doors behind them.

Somebody once told me to take their mobile phone chargers and watch the looks on their faces when they start to die.


Lyndsay & Chloe
Girls, I love you very much! Even if you do drive me Bat Shit crazy from time to time! Remember you can always tell me anything, you'll never be too big for a hug or a kiss. Your Nan once said to me when I was a little witch, "I can't wait until you have children of your own, you wait " Ha!  xxx



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