Why Audible is a Must-Have for Book Lovers

Why Audible is a Must Have for Book Lovers in 2022

You’ve probably heard of Audible, the online audiobook and podcast service? Well, not everyone knows how it works and its wonderful benefits. But, if you do, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you something you already know about.

What is Audible, and what are its benefits

Audible is an online audio service that allows users to download audiobooks and listen to them on their computer or phone. It offers a great selection of audiobooks, and its easy-to-use interface makes it a favourite among book lovers.

One of the main benefits of Audible is that it gives users access to a wide selection of audiobooks. So whether you’re looking for a new thriller to listen to on your commute or a biography to listen to while you cook dinner, Audible has something for everyone.

Audible is also convenient and easy to use. You can download audiobooks directly to your computer or phone, so you can always have them with you when you need them. Plus, being able to listen on the go, whether you’re taking a walk or commuting on a busy train or bus, allows you to really get lost in your favourite stories.

Audible offers more than 200,000 audiobooks from leading audio publishers and broadcasters, including Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Boldwood and BBC. You can also purchase best sellers and “Audible exclusives.”

It is also packed with podcasts and original audio series and is a fantastic tool for book and podcast lovers alike. You can search for new audiobooks in the Audible app or browse their list of genres to find inspiration.

Benefits include:

  • 200,000+ titles
  • A wide selection of genres
  • Downloadable so you can listen anytime and anywhere
  • Customisable features and settings
  • Extremely convenient and easy to use

Start your 30-day Audible trial here 

How does Audible work

Audible is a service that allows you to download audiobooks onto your computer or phone. Then, you can either listen to them online or offline, making it an excellent choice for people who love to read but don’t always have the time. Plus, there are often great Audible deals available, so it’s a cost-effective way to build up your audiobook collection.

Subscriptions options 

£7.99 for one book monthly membership or 12 books annual membership for £69.99. You can buy additional book credits when you need them. More recently is The Plus Catolouge unlimited listening to all the titles in the plus catalogue.

Why Audible is a must-have for book lovers

Audible is an excellent resource for book lovers because it allows you to access audiobooks easily and conveniently. With Audible, you can download any audiobook onto your computer or phone so that you never have to miss out on your favourite stories again! Listening on the go is very simple and makes it easy to bring your favourite literature with you wherever you go. Audiobooks, in general, are great because you can listen in many places where reading is difficult or impossible, for example, while driving, exercising, cooking, doing household chores and more.

I like to listen on an evening to unwind whilst doing my evening self-care routine. Selfcare is important to find out Why self-care is important

I love listening to audiobooks, especially on my way to work, as it keeps my brain from overthinking and stressing. Of course, I can listen to part of my book on the walk home, too, so it’s great for multitasking!

Listening to audiobooks is also a great way to pass the time while doing tasks that are considered boring or mundane because it makes them much more exciting and interesting. In addition, it allows you to engage in literature while completing regular tasks that would otherwise be unbearably boring.

Audible has a vast selection of books available for download, ranging from contemporary fiction to biographies, non-fiction and everything in between, which means you’ll never have to worry about not finding something you like! In addition, the website offers special deals on specific titles, which makes it even more convenient and affordable to enjoy the literature of your choice.

The collection is vast and ever-expanding, so you will always find something good to listen to if you love audiobooks!

So get on it and give Audible a try! You won’t regret it.

Why Audible is a Must-Have for Book Lovers

What Is In My Audible Library

Here is what I have been listening to in my free time in the last couple of months.

  1. The Jane Austin Collection
  2. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
  3. Song Birds
  4. MumLife
  5. Brutally Honest
  6. The BeeKeeper Of Aleppo
  7. A Different Kind Of Happy
  8. Part-Time Working Mummy
  9. Reasons To Stay Alive
  10. Becoming
  11. The midnight Library
  12. Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow
  13. New Arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow
  14. Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow
  15. A Wedding at Hedgehog Hollow 
  16. Make Wishes at Bay View
  17. New Begining At Seaside Blooms
  18. Finding Hope At Lighthouse Cove
  19. Coming Home to Seaside Cottage
  20. Starry Skies Over Chocolate Pot Cafe
  21. The Secret To Happiness
  22. All You Need Is Love
  23. Snowflakes Over Starfish Cafe
  24. My One Month Marriage
  25. The Vine Witch
  26. Ellie Andrews Has Second Thoughts

Final thoughts

What is your favourite genre? Tell me in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much I enjoyed writing it! See you next time.

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