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Time to STOP Procrastinating & Get on Top!
Overwhelmed by Unorganised Chaos Have you ever felt like you can't get up in the morning, sick and tired of the 9 - 5 rat run? Today I am hazy-eyed along with feeling slightly emotionally challenged! Being a full time working mum is harder than I thought. My messy house is getting me down, feeling […]
10 Easy Party Snack Ideas
I thought I would share a few of my favourite party snack ideas. Getting organised for a kids party can be stress full! I have found doing the party early morning in time for the morning snack, or that part of the afternoon between lunch and dinner. You don't have to worry about doing masses of […]
Invest In Spending Quality Time With Family | Life Is Too Short
Living away from family members is hard! I have realised this more and more as I’m getting older and my relatives are getting older. It hit me hard a couple of months ago when I saw my grandfather who I haven’t seen for a while; I suddenly felt the shock hit me, my stomach sank! […]
My 5 Top Tips For Living With Teen Girls
  1. Be quick when the laundry is done to retrieve all your tights, and I mean quick! I swear I think my girls store them in their bedrooms, yet still insist they haven’t got any! I know when my little darling has stolen mine, their legs look like they’re wearing thick black leggings no […]
Start Loving Yourself | Start Living
Body Image & Confidence... It is mental health awareness month; I thought I would share my battle I have every day with body confidence. I am currently struggling with my feelings about the way I look; I have always struggled with my weight and my attitude towards myself. Every year around this time of year […]
Motivating Your Teen | Chore Routines
Getting your teens to help out around the house. Are you looking for ways to motivate your teen? I am now going to share with you what has worked for our busy family. Being a parent of two teenage daughters, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to get them to help out around […]
Half Term Mum Guilt!
Envious Greeneyed Mum We had the 1st half of the Easter Break off work with the girls. The girls all stayed home for the second week, and I wasn’t filled with  Mum Guilt this time; the weather is awful, and I know my girls are all happy at home. However, we did head home every […]
Look Who Has Turned 15 | Happy Birthday Lou-Lou
Happy 15th Birthday  Lyndsay – Marie On this very day 15 years ago, you changed my life forever and made me a mum. You taught me to be a mum. The very first person to dress you was your Nan; she was there in the room when you were born. Grandad Rae rang me one […]
School Morning Routine | Too Much Chaos Not Enough Caffeine!
Too Much Chaos Not Enough Caffeine! School mornings in my house are crazy most mornings. I set my alarm for 6 am to get myself ready and organised before the craziness begins! I lose count of how many times I run up and down the stairs, making sure Chloe, my middle daughter is out of bed. […]
Exciting Times | A New Chapter April 18
Exciting Times. March has been a bit of a funny month and slightly stressful with some uncertainties relating to my current employment. But things are finally looking up. An exciting opportunity has come my way, doing the job that I do now for the same salary and only a 5-minute walk from home. I don’t […]
March Favourites
Hello! I have lined up a few of my favourite products, what I have been watching on TV for through March, I hope you enjoy! x  Series 3 Apple I watch in rose gold. I have been loving my Apple I watch I got this for valentine’s day I use it all the time. I never miss […]
Hello Fresh | I Now Look Forward to Evening Meals
My honest opinion of Hello Fresh Lately, we have got bored of our evening meals; we tend to eat the same things all the time. So we thought we would give Hello Fresh a whirl, It is so easy to set up your subscription, and you get 50% off your first box! There are different […]
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