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Childfree Holiday | Playa Blanca Lanzarote 

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Are you planning a childfree holiday?
My partner and I have only ever been on holiday alone, without our girls once! In the 17 years, we have shared together, not even a mini-break or night away in a hotel. So, last year my parents said we must do it, they would have the girls go for as long as we want, and when we want! So, with that, we took the plunge and booked an all-inclusive plus holiday through Jet2. Off we went to  Sandos Papagayo Beach Resort, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote in May 2017.
I must admit I felt like I had lost something in the first few days, looking around for my girls. But, having my partner all to myself for a week was great! Some much needed US time, Cocktails morning, noon, and night. Going all-inclusive plus meant we had added extras of VIP lounge and roofer terrace along with a room with a sea view.  The royal elite restaurant with candlelit table service, dining room rather than push and shove buffets you usually see on all-inclusive holidays.
Waking up to the sound of the sea every morning, the sunset on an evening it was pure bliss. We headed out for a walk every morning after breakfast to the harbour in the town. All the boats and yachts, such a beautiful place, the market was a great buzz. We also manage to visit one of the best natural beaches in Europe, Papagayo beach. It was quite a trek to get there but 100% worth it stunning, the views on the way down the cliff sides to the golden sands and the turquoise sea no hassle and noise, shops nothing. 

Oh, the guilt! I did feel quite guilty leaving them behind; I checked in every day, calling home, speaking to my mum and the girls, sometimes more than once! They were all at school not like they were on half term, we have been on family holidays with the children. Family holidays are more about them, making sure they have a fantastic time, Sun cream every hour, Drinks, ice creams, checking menus to make sure there is something for them. Not to mention the kiddie Discos. We parents love those! Making sure they are all in bed for a decent time; you just know the next morning, they will be little darlings with a lack of sleep.  

I visited my parents over Christmas break they told us to do the same this year. I don’t know if we will take them up on the offer yet. But where to go next? I fancy Italy and visiting a few different places in the week. I also wouldn’t mind a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco.
Would you mind leaving in the comments any adult-only holiday destinations? 
If you have visited the beautiful Papagayo Beach, what did you think?
Are you looking for a family holiday on the canary island? I can highly recommend Tui Magic Life In Fuerteventura.
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