Summer Holiday | 45 Children's Crafts & Activities

By Katie LouiseJuly 17, 2019

School is out for Summer!

Kids live for the long summer holidays, what about us parents, are you excited for the summer holidays? I love the summer holidays with my kids, but we do have the occasional day where we need a little inspiration to keep our little darlings sane and beat the dreaded Boredom.

Why not make your own boredom buster jar? That way, when the kids are bored, or you may be looking for some holiday activities, activity inspiration, you can reach into your jar and instantly have something for everyone to do!

How to make your boredom buster jar.

Choose a decent-sized Masson jar. You can decorate your jar anyway you wish, paint it, use stickers. When you're happy with how it looks, you then need to create a label for the front of your jar.

For this, you can use your child's Name or family Name Bordem Buster Activities.

Next, you need either Coloured paper or a card and cut it into strips and write an activity on each piece and place it in the jar.

Here is my list of activities and crafts.

  1. Sharpie tie-dye Tshirts
  2. Spa day at home
  3. Make a dream catchers
  4. Make Garden windchimes
  5. Spray bottle paint art
  6. Make garden pinwheels
  7. Painted rock treasure hunt
  8. Make homemade Jam
  9. Go on a bike ride
  10. Make a summer scrapbook
  11. Catch butterflies
  12. Plant flowers
  13. Tincan bowling
  14. Paper plate maze with straws
  15. Build an outdoor fort
  16. Make your own ice lolly's
  17. Climb trees
  18. pipe cleaner finger puppets
  19. Marble painting
  20. Water balloon pinata
  21. Ice block treasure hunt
  22. DIY sponge ball fight
  23. Create an obstacle course
  24. Make a fairy garden
  25. Make bird feeders
  26. Go for a picnic
  27. Camp in the garden
  28. Watch the sunset
  29. Make a paint splatter piece of art
  30. Make a cardboard village
  31. Make tin can lanterns
  32. Go for a walk along a local river
  33. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
  34. Visit a museum
  35. Go to the park
  36. Create your own game
  37. Take part in your local park run
  38. Make Slime
  39. Go to the beach
  40. Go swimming
  41. Walk the dog
  42. Cut the grass
  43. Tidy your bedroom
  44. Read a book together
  45. Watch a movie

Once you have your jar full of activities, you're good to go every time your little darling is bored, and you can pull out their jar and give them something to do!

I would love to see your finished jars.

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20 comments on “Summer Holiday | 45 Children's Crafts & Activities”

  1. What great ideas! We always make our own ice lollies. This summer we'll try the cardboard village.

  2. These are great ideas! I'd rather have my future kids to be busy with these activities than overindulge in gadgets. I'd totally recommend this to my friends. Thank you for these!

  3. What a fun idea! We do weekly slumber parties in the living room, outside if it's nice (in a tent). But I love this idea and may implement it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. O wow there are so many things I want to do! Like making a dream catcher I haven’t done that since elementary school! Going to the beach my calm place is next lol

  5. These are great ideas! I'd rather have my future kids to be busy with these activities than overindulge in gadgets. I'd totally recommend this to my friends. Thank you for these!

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